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About Me

Hello, I’m Frank Masotti, and I’m a man of strong convictions and passions.

Faith & Politics
I’m a devout Bible Baptist who places God and faith at the center of my life. Politically, I identify as a constitutional conservative, advocating for limited government spending and unwavering support for the Second Amendment.

Interests & Lifestyle
When I’m not diving into the digital world, you’ll find me listening to audiobooks, surfing the web for knowledge, or enjoying some TV time. My priorities are clear: God, the Bible, my country, my firearms, and my loyal German Shepherd, Blondie, hold special places in my heart.

Personal Choices
I’m single by both choice and circumstance, and I identify as a straight male. While this may not resonate with everyone, it’s a part of who I am.

Passions & Discussions
I’m deeply passionate about a range of subjects and love engaging in thoughtful discussions. If you’re interested in a civil discourse on any topic, I’m your guy.


I am a published author on Amazon. I published my ebook about how to pick the perfect puppy.

Head of Everything! at Frank Masotti | (602) 888-3448 | Website

I am a seasoned website designer and content creator with a career spanning over two decades. My journey in this field began in 1997, and I’ve been specializing in WordPress and content creation since 2007. With a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I’ve been optimizing websites for search engines since 1998. My expertise lies in manipulating the back end code of WordPress sites and crafting high-quality, SEO friendly content to maximize their potential. I believe that compelling content is at the heart of every successful website, and I strive to create unique, engaging content that drives traffic and conversions. I am currently working with:

Internet Service Agency and it's network of sites and businesses.

Car Title Loan Texas
Car Title Loan Hub
Premiun Content Creators
Local Business Web Site Agency
Web Design Service Agency
Local Business Web Site Agency
U.S. Commercial Sales INC

I am also proud to work closely with Jer Ayles of Tri House Consulting on all of Internet Service Agency's finacial related web sites.

Frank Masotti
Google fundamentals of digital marketing certified

Frank Masotti
Google fundamentals of digital marketing certified

Premium Content Creators
Internet Service Agency

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